Bible School

Course Goals

  • To know more deeply the risen Lord Jesus Christ who lives in you.
  • To give you a working knowledge of God’s Word which reveals Christ.
  • To discover more clearly His will for your life.
  • To develop spiritual insight for effective service in the Body of Christ.
  • To gain experience in Christian service both in the community and among your peers.

1st Year Bible School

From September to May, you will receive an intense, college-level study of the Bible. In one full school year, you will have surveyed the entire Bible as well as had a concentrated study of many different books and major topics in the Bible.

2nd Year Leadership Training Course

Have you already completed one year of studies at a Torchbearers school? Our LTC program is committed to helping you develop practical leadership principles in every area of the Christian life.

Ascension Wilderness Experience

AWE is a 3-week outdoor, adventure based Bible school, designed to follow after a pattern found throughout the Scriptures, where God the Father, Jesus & Spirit all lead people out into the wilderness for an intense time of transformation.

Christ - centered Bible teaching

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