Engaging people to know Christ, through the Word, the outdoors and relationships

Not everyone can spare a year to attend Bible School but the desire to study the Word of God is strong. To meet this desire, Ravencrest Chalet offers a full range of retreats to suit individuals of all ages.


NEW Retreat for Families and Individuals
Dates: July 1-6, 2018
Cost: $375 + 3.45% tax
Retreat Information

Speakers: Frank Cirone and Wayne Weissman will be teaching together throughout the week about Jesus Christ: Timeless Truth for All Ages and Stages of Life.

Reunite with God and one another. Life is busy and draining at times & can leave us feeling lonely, hungry for intimacy with God and community. The purpose of the Reunite retreat is to provide Christ centered lectures to encourage your hearts, minds, and souls to continue walking with Christ.

We want to provide a place for alumni and new friends alike to enjoy community with one another. Throughout the week, there will be hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park, and outdoor activities like climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking, culminating with special activities in the evening.

Families are more than welcome to join!

More pricing info for families

Adults: normal price for retreat


  • 0-4 year old’s are free
  • 5-11 year old’s are $300
  • 12+ year old’s are $375

Maximum family rate $2,250 

Recharge: Mens Retreat

Men Fully Alive
Retreat Information

Cameron Tate is a Colorado native born and raised in Castle Rock and works at Southern Gables Church in Littleton. He received his bachelor’s degree in Biblical and theological studies from Multnomah University in Portland, OR and is receiving his master of divinity degree (MDiv) from Denver Seminary this year. His wife, Katherine, is a native Oregonian and together they are adjusting to life with their newborn baby, Zipporah. Cameron enjoys all things in the mountains, summer or winter, but with balancing school, work, and a newborn he’s recently grown in his appreciation for a good nap.

Theology of Work

Have you ever wondered whether you’re accomplishing your calling? What is a “calling,” anyway? What’s the difference between a “job” and a “vocation?” Together, we’ll explore a Biblical and theological understanding of work, its nature, significance, value and place in God’s Kingdom.

DATES: JULY 27 – 29, 2018
COST: $195 + 3.45% TAX

Refresh: Women’s Retreat

A retreat for Women
Retreat Information

Having lived in Colorado for the past 12 years, Sarah Snyder has lost most of her southern accent (but if you listen closely, you may detect it – especially when she’s reminiscing about growing up in South Carolina on a plantation near the coast). For the majority of her life, Sarah thought the Christian life was what she achieved for God: sitting under expository teaching in a large church, being highly active in a variety of ministries, graduating from Bible College. Through repentance and faith in the Risen, indwelling Christ, Sarah is thankfully learning that the Christian life is Someone she receives from God- a Person, Jesus Himself. She enjoys simple things: sunlight, fresh air, wildflowers, cuddles with her 6 children, coffee with her husband Erik, and hiking with her family.

“I have always been inspired by Sarah Snyder’s walk with Jesus. The practical wisdom that pours forth from early mornings spent in His Word is worked out in the busyness of mothering 6 children and mentoring young women. She has lived a life of dependency on the Lord and she has much to teach us! She is a gifted communicator and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn more of HIM through her.” – Bonnie Thomas

Available: All of Christ in all of me
This weekend, we are going to dig deeply into the Old and New Testament. In God’s Word and through His Spirit, we trust God will do something only He can do: reveal all He has made available to us “in Christ”, (Col 1:26-29). Through humility and brokenness, is all of me available to His risen, indwelling Life? When you leave on Sunday afternoon, our prayer is that you will live in the good of all God has made available for you in Christ and there will be more of you available to Christ’s risen, indwelling Life in you.
DATES: August 2 – 5, 2018
COST: $260 + 3.45% TAX

Renew: Adult Retreat

1 week Bible Retreat in the Rockies 
Retreat Information

Luke and Erika Blaine live in Denver, Colorado and have been married for 5 years. They both serve on staff at Calvary Wellspring Church in Aurora, Colorado. Luke received his masters degree in theology from Golden Gate Seminary in 2015. He was first introduced to Torchbearers International as a student at Tauernhof in Schladming, Austria in 2003 and for the last 7 years Luke and Erika have been guest teachers and lecturers for Ravencrest in Estes Park, Colorado. They both love the mountains and their ultimate ambition is to point others to Jesus’ all satisfying great worth.

Igniting Worship:  Kindling Our Hearts For God

Worship is so much more than the songs we sing on Sunday; true worship is the very purpose of our existence. It is everything. Therefore, understanding worship and igniting our hearts for God is vital to walking in the life and joy God has envisioned for us in Him. Join us for a week in the mountains for rest, renewal, and soul care as we explore the subject of Biblical worship and its implications for our walks with Christ.

Dates:  August 6 – 12, 2018
Cost: $450 + 3.45% tax

Sample Schedule

Day 1

Arrival / Registration 3 – 6 pm
BBQ on the Deck
Horseshoe Competition
Worship / Session 1

Day 2

Leave for Activities (hiking, mountain biking, fly-fishing, kayaking, etc.)
Special Dinner
Worship / Session 2
Dessert & Games

Day 3

Worship / Session 3
Q&A Discussion Time
Farewells, hope to see you again soon!

  • “We love the opportunity to be challenged by excellent Bible teaching in the context of the Rocky Mountains.  A bonus for us has been the annual renewal of friendships and the making of new ones."

    Joe and Penny Colorado
  • “My time and experience at the Ravencrest Men’s Retreat was simply comforting, encouraging, and most edifying; all of which helped me specifically to engage properly in the life challenges ahead. It takes God to be a man."

    Chet Texas
  • "Each year I eagerly look forward to Women's Week at Ravencrest. Located in God's beautiful creation -- the Rocky Mountains -- Ravencrest provides a glorious week of learning from lectures by an outstanding staff and hearing the truth of God's Word. Women's Week is a refreshing and renewing conference that offers quiet time to be with God plus activities of every sort. There is a Christian fellowship and love that shines from God through the Ravencrest staff. Thank you for opening the Chalet to us each year."

    Joan Hickey Colorado
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