Bible School

What study tools should I bring?

Definitely don’t forget your Bible! Additionally, you are free to bring your computer and other study tools if you so desire – We will provide you with any books needed for classes. We also have an extensive collection of books, Bible commentaries and other resources in our library. If you have a study Bible we would encourage you to bring it with you as it will be helpful for your personal study time.

What clothes should I pack?

Weather in Estes Park can range from warm spring days to cold snowy winter days, all year round. (~20°F) -(~70°F) We suggest you bring warm clothing and boots for snow and wet weather. Classroom attire is casual but neat.

Clothes suitable for indoor and outdoor work duties will be needed.  Guys should bring a pair of work gloves.  Students should also bring more formal attire for special occasions at school. Storage and closet space are limited, so please do not bring too much.

How much storage space will I have?

Storage and closet space are limited to 2-3 drawers(depending on the room), some hanging space shared among your roommates (hangers are provided) and space beneath the bed. Please do not bring too much! Also, please realize you will be sharing your room with up to nine other students.

Should I bring my own vehicle?

Ravencrest provides transport to town only once a week. That being said, we encourage you to bring your own vehicle if you plan on exploring Estes Park and the surrounding areas.

Four-wheel-drive is helpful, especially during the winter and spring months, but not necessary. It is wise to keep chains or cables available in your vehicle for snowy and icy conditions.

Are there accommodations for parents?

You parents are welcome to stay on campus when there is space available. Call the office at 970-586-8118. For Registration Day, Parents Weekend and Graduation we recommend that parents find lodging in nearby Estes Park.

For information on lodging prices and availability in Estes Park, go to http://www.estes-park.com/

Are there age limitations or other special requirements for Bible school?

Most of our students fall in the age range of 18-25, but we are thrilled to have older students as well! If you will be a minor at the start of Bible School we will need a “minor authorization form” from your parents.

Are there scholarships for the Bible School program?

Reach out to our office for scholarship availability by emailing us at: office@ravencrest.org

Interested in donating to our Scholarship fund? Donate here.

Am I allowed to work during the school year?

You are allowed to have a job as long as you work hours do not interfere with the scheduled bible school program (classes, special events, small groups, etc.).

Are there any student work programs?

We do not have work programs available for our Bible school students. We do however have volunteer opportunities. You can find more info about volunteering here

Are there any nearby recreation areas?

Besides our student recreational facilities, there are many opportunities for recreation in Estes Park and surrounding areas. Rocky Mountain National Park is 15 minutes away and there is National Forest just up the road from us. Estes Park also has gyms and a rec center. There are many opportunities for rock climbing, hiking, camping, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding.

How does insurance work?

Ravencrest is required to have all students participate in our program under the Accident and Medical Insurance we have. It is minimal coverage but also inexpensive and is a good supplement to your current coverage. There is no deductible and the insurance provides coverage for an event that occurs while attending the Ravencrest program.

The insurance that we provide is a secondary insurance, but if you don’t have insurance, it works as a primary insurance. When you register you will be asked to show valid proof of your own health insurance, including the company name and policy number.

Is there a shuttle from Denver Airport to Ravencrest?

Ravencrest offers a shuttle at the beginning and end of the school terms. Reservations must be made with the office at least two days prior to the day of travel. Cost is $15 one-way to and from Denver International Airport.

Please allow two hours for travel time between Estes Park and the Denver International Airport. Times and Locations: Departs Door 604 (West terminal) of the airport at 3 pm on student arrival days and departs Ravencrest Chalet Campus at 8:30 am on student departure days.

Where should mail be sent to?

For USPS mail:

c/o Ravencrest Chalet
PO Box 2620
Estes Park, CO 80517-2620.
Please ask your correspondents to include your name in the address.

For packages via UPS, FedEx, etc:

501 Pole Hill Road
Estes Park, CO 80517

Transfer credits?

Many Christian colleges accept the studies completed at Ravencrest Chalet for transfer credit. This makes our program beneficial to those students who plan to continue with their college education. For those interested in missionary work, our school satisfies most mission agency requirements of thirty credit hours of formal Bible training.  For a list of schools that accept transfer credit from Ravencrest Chalet, click here.

Transcript Request

Need a Transcript? You can request a student Transcript by filling out and submitting the request form here >

Will I have internet access at Ravencrest Chalet?

Yes. There is free, public wifi located in any of our public buildings.

Are pets allowed?


Are alcohol and tobacco permitted?


What is a typical weekly schedule like?
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