‘in,tern – ship’

Wake up stoked because you get to serve God in the Rocky Mountains. Breakfast. Hang out with campers. Climb. Hike. Kayak. Enjoy screaming kids. Mountain bike. Taylor Swift on the bus. Lunch. Clean dishes. Soak up the sun. Lead kids on activities. Enjoy some downtime outside. Dinner. Worship Jesus. Be encouraged in the Word. Make milkshakes. Throw a barn dance. Roast s’mores golden perfection over a bonfire. Stand in amazement under the stars. Sleep hard. Dream well. Repeat.

Summer Program

Help run our summer program (youth group weeks and adult retreats). Responsibilities include leading activities (rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc.) administering first aid, washing dishes, helping clean campus, making announcements, working in our coffee and snack shops, and various work projects.

Summer Hospitality

Assist the Hospitality Manager in weekly preparing the campus for campers and guests as well as joining the summer program interns in washing dishes and running our snack shop.

Year Long Internship

Volunteer for one year in the kitchen, on the maintenance(domination) team, or as an RA (Bible school resident assistant)

Summer Program Volunteer

Invest in others and grow

As you invest in our guests you will grow through engagement with the campers, leaders and guest during their time here. Spending time in conversation while leading activities, sharing what Jesus is doing in your heart with others, and being present and willing to engage with those around us.

Get Equipped to Embrace the Opportunity to Lead

During the summer, you will have the opportunity to lead others on activities, giving them instruction, leading them into adventures on water, rock, or on trail. You will have opportunity to improve in communication, leadership skills, and guiding conversations towards meaningful conclusions. By learning to lead, you have an opportunity to learn to serve, just as Jesus lead by being the servant of mankind.

Expect the Unexpected

In the midst of the beautiful chaos of summer, there are always unexpected challenges and the opportunity to learn to go to Jesus to ask for wisdom and choose to grow through challenges. Whether its performing duties you aren’t fond of, learning to work together in a team, or a first aid situation, you will be presented with opportunities for growth through challenges

Encounter Jesus

During your internship, our goal is to cultivate a space, community, and opportunity for service that leads you to a deeper knowledge of Jesus our King. We want you to be filled up regularly through teaching, worship, and prayer so that you are filled with the Living Water that you may get to pour out to others in and through the good works he has planned for you to walk in.

Summer Hospitality Intern

Help welcome and serve our summer guests

The Hospitality intern assists the Hospitality Manager in weekly preparing the campus for campers and guests as well as joining the summer program interns in washing dishes and running our snack shop.

AWE Guide

Guide others to experience what God has for us in the Wilderness

Show who our Lord Jesus Christ is outside of the classroom.   Get the opportunity to facilitate and experience a simple and adventurous lifestyle in the context of the wilderness in and around Estes Park.

Additional training includes:

  • Map and Compass Skills
  • Efficient Backcountry Travel Techniques
  • Leave No Trace Training
  • How to lead a group in the mountains
  • Judgement & Decision training Skills
  • Lead Group Debriefs

Position Requirements:

  • Applicant must be in excellent physical condition
  • Able to run a 5k in less than 27 minutes
  • Previous backcountry camping and hiking experience in strongly preferred, but not required.

Year Long Volunteer Positions

Ravencrest Chalet offers opportunities for people to come and join our team as volunteer staff for a year.  The most common positions that we are accepting are as follows:

Maintenance Interns

Kitchen Interns

Resident Assistants(RA) 1 male and 1 female

These positions are arranged with our Business Manager and based on each individual’s interest and skills.  If you are interested and would be willing to come and serve with us for an extended time, please email or fill out and mail in one of our applications.

Apply to Volunteer

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Internship at Ravencrest Chalet
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