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Even though the primary reason for Ravencrest Chalet's existence is the proclamation of God's Word, Ravencrest is well located and equipped to provide many options for fun activities during the Bible School and retreat programs. 
Colorado enjoys almost the most sunshine of all the states and to take advantage of this, the Chalet has an outdoor tennis/basketball/volleyball court. In addition, the Chalet is located on 50 acres providing walks along the specially made paths through the forested woods. 
On those days when you prefer to be inside, Ravencrest has an indoor gym available for basketball, volleyball and soccer. In addition, the gym has a fitness center with weights and machines, such as exercise bicycles and stair climbers. There is also a Student Center with a snack bar and space to sit and talk or to play ping pong, fussball or air hockey. Our hiking, climbing and camping equipment has been used for various student activities, providing an opportunity to enjoy the mountains and creation which surrounds us.

In addition to the recreational, study areas and accommodation, Ravencrest Chalet has facilities designed to encourage
relaxation and group interaction. The Lounge is an ideal place to come to talk, read or just sit and enjoy the magnificent
view. With its comfortable sofas, open fireplace and grand piano, any visitor will find it a real home away from home.

Even though Ravencrest Chalet provides meals for all visitors in the Dining Room, facilities are also available for those
students and guests who may want 'a little extra.' The Commons contains a refrigerator, microwave and stove.



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