How Do I Apply? 

For International Students

Proof of Financial Ability

United States law requires that Ravencrest Chalet has in its files proof of financial ability before student visas can be issued. Proof of financial ability must evidence the fact that the student has sufficient funds to cover the fees for the first term for which he/she has applied. The following are examples of proof of financial ability.

1.  A bank letter stating that the student or whomever is financing the schooling has the sufficient cash balance available.
2.  A photocopy of the bank balance showing the available balance.

Please send one copy to Ravencrest Chalet (with the school application) and retain a copy to be used as explained below. 

I-20 and Student Visa Information 

Upon acceptance, the student will receive an I-20 form from Ravencrest Chalet which is to be presented to Immigration officials as explained below.

Canadian Students 

Canadians must present the I-20 form with a copy of the proof of financial ability attached when entering the United States. Immigration officials will issue an I-94 card. The student must keep the I-94 card and the I-20 form together in their possession at all times.

All Other Students

Upon receipt of the I-20 form, the student should promptly contact the United States Consulate in his/her country to obtain your student visa. When entering the United States, the student will present the student visa with a copy of the proof of financial ability attached. At that time, an I-94 card will be issued and should be kept in the student’s possession at all times along with the passport and the I-20 form.

All application items must be received by Ravencrest Chalet five weeks prior to the beginning of the term to insure that the necessary I-20 form will be received in sufficient time.

Students must comply with all of the above requirements since Ravencrest is legally responsible to adhere to the United States Department of Homeland Security regulations. Failure of the student to do so may result in refusal of admittance into either the school or the United States.

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