Overview of Bible School at Ravencrest Chalet


Purpose for Ravencrest Bible School

  • To know more deeply the risen Lord Jesus Christ who lives in us.
  • To give men and women a working knowledge of God's Word which reveals Christ.
  • To discover more clearly His will for our lives.
  • To develop spiritual insight for effective service in the Body of Christ.
  • To know, through experience, that the Christian life makes sense for those in whose life Christ is Lord.
  • To gain experience in Christian service both in the community and among each other.

About the Bible School Program

From September to May, Ravencrest Chalet offers an intense, college-level study of the Bible. Upon the completion of one full school year, students will have surveyed the entire Bible as well as had a concentrated study of many different books in the Bible.

Contemporary issues of Christian living will also be studied in the light of God's Word. Students will have the opportunity through their studies to develop a firm foundation for their Christian lives. 

Transfer Credits

Many Christian colleges accept the studies completed at Ravencrest Chalet for transfer credit. This makes our program beneficial to those students who plan to continue with their college education. For those interested in missionary work, our school satisfies most mission agency requirements of thirty credit hours of formal Bible training.

Veterans' Benefits

The Bible School is approved for the training of Veterans and eligible persons.

2017/2018 dates and fees

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Retreats/youth weeks

If you haven’t got a year to spare at Ravencrest, try attending one our retreats. There’s something for everyone, young and young at heart!