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End of a Season

Erik Snyder - Monday, August 26, 2013

End of a Season

Well the summer season is finally drawing to a close; the summer camps have all come and gone and now so too have the adult retreats. There were so many blessed by the retreats and we’re working very diligently to get the audio from the retreats out to those that ordered it. Before the school year begins again (there is still time if you’d like to attend) we’ve got a couple of more laid back weeks here. This next week we’ve got our ‘off site’ staff meeting to go over how the summer went and prepare for the school year, and this next weekend we’ve got our staff retreat where we will be going over to Timberline our other Torchbearers center here in CO. It will be a great time to relax and spend time fellowshipping with other staff, not as co-workers but as brothers and sisters, as a family. Please continue to remember us in your prayers, as we transition from one season to the next.

Ramping it up

Erik Snyder - Friday, June 07, 2013

Well the students have been gone for near 3 weeks now and the summer interns have all arrived. As we prepare to get the campus ready for the first group of campers, which will be arriving on Sunday, we are all quite busy. The kitchen is busy at work making sure they've got the meals all planned out, food ordered, and new interns trained. The activity interns have been busily making sure that the events are ready to go, even building a mechanical bull. A.J. Dudek is making sure that the interns all prepared and ready to lead hikes and kayak trips and is actually out this them right now on a camping trip. Domestics is making sure that we've got all the beds and bedding for everyone and that the campus looks its best for when they get here. As we all are busy at work in preparation for what the Lord will be doing here this summer please keep up in your prays, that in all our business we will never lose focus never stop keeping Christ at the center, for it is only though Him that anything we do here will have any true value.

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