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Week in review Feb.1

Erik Snyder - Saturday, February 01, 2014

Week in review

Before this week began, students headed out to Aspen for the X-Games. Some even braved a car ride for six hours there, watched the games, and headed back the same day. On Monday, the week of classes started with our guest speakers, Stuart Briscoe and his wife, Jill. Stuart spoke on 2 Corinthians, teaching about the background of the book before getting into the details of Paul’s purpose in writing each of the chapters and the meaning behind them. Jill took two classes to go over the topic of a devotional life and how to discover the purpose God has for us. Outside of class, the first large snow of 2014 came, covering the Colorado landscape in white. Despite the cold, students have not lost their excitement, and a small group even wakes up early to occasionally hike up a mountain to snowboard down, making it just in time for breakfast. Although not everyone enjoys snow, they have still made the best of it and are continuing to make the most of this year in Colorado.

- Brittany Alsum

Week in review

Erik Snyder - Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week in review

Kick started the first full week back with student planned Fellowship night, where one of the family groups of students organized a fun evening of pirate themed dinner followed by worship together. Laundry day resumed on Monday, while Tuesday invited students to enjoy the Colorado scenery with snowshoeing. Student council also organized game night on Wednesday with large group games and continued afterwards by breaking off into smaller groups to play board games of choice. Overall, it’s been an exciting way to officially start off the new term.

- Brittany Alsum


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