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First Weeks

Erik Snyder - Wednesday, September 25, 2013

First Weeks

The first weeks of school have been so amazing; to see the young people that God has brought he becoming a family so quickly is a joy to witness. As you know Colorado and Estes Park have experienced some quite severe flooding and with that the aftermath and mess that it has left behind. Many homes were damaged, and the two main highways in and out of Estes Park are gone. The one that is least damaged their hoping they’ll have it back up to some regard by the beginning of December. Even with all of the damage and destructing that the flood has caused God is still God and God is still good, and he still gets all the glory. It’s been so encouraging to see the church as a body stepping up and being the hands and feet in this time. The students arrived here at Ravencrest right at the beginning of the rain and flooding, once it all stopped and the sun was back out, the students not even being here a week were already eager to get to work helping the community rebuild. What a witness! That is what the church is all about. That’s what Jesus is all about. Restoration. These students not even here 7 days, this place not yet their home (though it will become their home), eager to serve. Helping to clean up homes and sandbag driveways these students, your students, the students you’re praying for showed this community what Ravencrest is all about. Seeing the Lord glorified even in the face of disaster.

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