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Week in review Feb.1

Erik Snyder - Saturday, February 01, 2014

Week in review

Before this week began, students headed out to Aspen for the X-Games. Some even braved a car ride for six hours there, watched the games, and headed back the same day. On Monday, the week of classes started with our guest speakers, Stuart Briscoe and his wife, Jill. Stuart spoke on 2 Corinthians, teaching about the background of the book before getting into the details of Paul’s purpose in writing each of the chapters and the meaning behind them. Jill took two classes to go over the topic of a devotional life and how to discover the purpose God has for us. Outside of class, the first large snow of 2014 came, covering the Colorado landscape in white. Despite the cold, students have not lost their excitement, and a small group even wakes up early to occasionally hike up a mountain to snowboard down, making it just in time for breakfast. Although not everyone enjoys snow, they have still made the best of it and are continuing to make the most of this year in Colorado.

- Brittany Alsum


Erik Snyder - Saturday, November 02, 2013


This last week we all woke up to a pretty amazing and beautiful frost.

Camping Trip

Erik Snyder - Saturday, October 19, 2013

Camping Trip

Although it is good to get off our little hill known as Ravencrest, adventure is never certain. Road trips have a tendency to drag out without the right company, and even with good company it can get old and tiring traveling in a car for hours at a time. Fortunately, the company was pleasant and it took longer for any thoughts of jumping out of a moving car to pop up. By the time our vehicles to arrive at our campsite known as Chalk Creek, the sun had decided to leave the sky and we had to get our extravagant dinner of hot dogs and beans together in the dark while others set up tents. To say the least, the first night was chilly. But the morning made up for it when the sun rose into the sky and warmed us through for the activities of hiking, rock-climbing, and hot springs (which would not have been affected by if the sun was out or not). With our sack lunch in hand, we went about our day in union with one another. At night we were reunited for another meal, huge bond fire, which some opted to sleep by that night while one student stayed up to keep it going and discussions about what God had spoken to us. The second night was likewise chilly. If by chilly the thought of potentially having your toes fall off crosses one’s mind, and the actuality of clothes laid out to dry forming ice in the fibers so you can hold up a shirt and have it resist falling into its natural cloth-like state. Needless to say, going into the camp’s bathroom and warming one’s self by the hand dryer was a common theme. But as we got moving for breakfast and prepared to head back to our hill, the sun came back to warm our bodies. The drive back was easier to handle than the way there, as most were ready to crash into sleep lost in shivering the night before. Another few hours and we were back, Ravencrest welcoming us home with a flurry of snowflakes and fresh coat of white over the pines and ground. As we organized everything packed in cars, a warm meal awaited us consisting of roast beef, potatoes, salad, and vegetables. The camping trip had its hard moments, but together as a community, we overcame it and went through the trials together, overall strengthening our newly found friendships.

- Brittany Alsum

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