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Haiti 2016 - update 7

Erik Snyder - Wednesday, March 16, 2016
Haiti – Day 7

Bonus! God gave us another day of having the opportunity to share Jesus with the Haitian kids here in Port-au-Prince. After breakfast (with Nutella for the European people’s pleasure) we spent the morning at the boys house where we could watch them enjoy themselves at play. Aliesia taught them how to play tick-tack-toe and it was fascinating how fast most of the boys understood the game and could play with each other.

After lunch break almost all of us took time for “personal recreation” aka nap because the heat is one reason for our lack of energy. For a small refreshment we made our way to the air conditioned grocery store to satisfy our desire of something cold. We spent more time in there than we would have needed but of course we had problems with figuring out the exchange rate from Haitian Gourds to American Dollars so we “unfortunately” had to stay longer in the air conditioned store. I personally was able to spend some time talking to Mark, the man God is using to provide for the orphanage here in Haiti. Mark is a passionate runner and he told me about his successes and how he is also using his hobby to expand the kingdom of God.

When we came back to the orphanage we were able to taste the Haitian food culture another time and I love it! I think John, with his shirts, has a huge influence on the meals the women cook for us. Today he wore a shirt that said “Old Spice” and both lunch and dinner were super spicy. Last time he wore a shirt that said something with pizza and we had pizza to eat. This might be a totally wrong assumption though 

The rest of the day we spent time with the boys making paper airplanes and had a spontaneous dance party. The song “Nay Nay” is really popular here and the kids know the dance so they showed off with their dancing skills. Our swing dancing performance was just fun because Tiffany dropped Aliesia at the last pose so that was probably the laughter of the evening.

The end of the day we, as a team, spent time together for devotion and just reminding each other that we are working for God and his kingdom. This means we don’t have to work out of our own strength but we have God as our source for all we do need each day.

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