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Haiti 2016 - Update 4

Erik Snyder - Monday, March 14, 2016

As I sit here and wander where to begin, I am closely surrounded by at least 10 little children, each one chattering in a language I have no idea how to understand. For all I know they could be making fun of my white skin and blonde hair. But I like to pretend that maybe they are just enthralled with the computer sitting on my lap.

The moon is shining brightly, the crickets are chirping loudly in this warm air, the bugs are crawling all over us, and the Caribbean Sea is 15 minutes away. Life is good! 

Well I’m not quite sure how to do this whole blogging thing, so I will just start at the crack of dawn. Like every morning, the Haitians were up and at it before it seemed I had even closed my eyes. Eventually all of us white people rolled out of our beds and went to the breakfast table where we were served bread. Unfortunately the Nutella had been used dry so it was just peanut butter today. Joel’s day was nearly ruined because of it. We played with the kids for a little while and then around 10:30 a.m. (we think… We are a little confused with the time here) our team smashed into a small van and began our long journey to the orphanage on the other side of Haiti.

It was such a beautiful drive! We went from the busy streets and constant honking in Port-au-Prince, to the countryside in the mountains, to the sandy beaches. It was so cool how fast the scenery would change. But the things that never changed were the palm trees and the shacks. They were everywhere! It made me so sad, but yet they all seem so happy and content. Everyone is so ready to smile all the time. We drove for about 6 hours, stopping for short bathroom breaks (the boys cooled down the tires)  and a snack break. It was a very hot and long ride. I will just say that we are all very used to constantly sweating. But the good news is that none of us can tell how bad we stink, because we all smell the same! 

At about 4:30 this afternoon, we arrived at our destination with our honking horn. This orphanage is much different than the first. It is in the country with a big grassy yard and beautiful mountains in the distance. The moment we stepped out, they surrounded us with hugs and kisses and huge smiles on all of our faces. This is the most precious moment for me. They are so eager to love! They don’t care that we don’t have anything to give them, they are just happy to have us here with them. How different they are from me. We have been playing with them all evening, taking time to eat our rice and fried chicken of the day. 

The kids love playing hand games, or keep-away, or just good old soccer with the big boys. Most of our communication is by actions, but it is amazing how much fun you can have and how easily it is to love these kids without ever being able to understand what they are saying. It makes me think of how big and incredible God is. He is able to have a personal relationship with every person on the earth. No matter what language we speak, He knows and understands us perfectly!

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