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Student to Intern

Erik Snyder - Friday, June 28, 2013

Ravencrest Chalet and I met in March 2013 at the start of spring semester. The love that the staff and students had for Jesus poured over into the love they showed for me. Ravencrest was so much like a home within the first week, I was confident I wanted to stay longer – just not sure in what capacity I would be able to. About one week before the school year was finished, the head cook told me she heard I enjoyed cooking and offered me a position for the summer. I thought about it for about a week. Since I recognized it was where God wanted me to be, I took a two week vacation and came back in late May to begin. Life as a kitchen intern was hectic and extremely hard work the first couple of weeks – but with Jesus by my side the position started to feel less taxing and more relaxing. It has been five weeks since I started cooking for at least forty people a week and I love it! Ravencrest is the best decision I ever made and I would not take it back.

-Bryan Cole

The Capernwray Story

Erik Snyder - Sunday, June 23, 2013

Torchbearers International has recently produced a DVD called ‘The Capernwray Story’ – told by Joan ‘Mrs T’ Thomas (the wife of Major Thomas). The film took three and a half hours of filming and over a hundred hours of editing and post production but we are thrilled with the results. What a privilege to have ‘Mrs T’ telling the world about the birth, origins and growth of Torchbearers (plus in the bonus features there is an incredible personal testimony from Mrs T called ‘The Reality of Christ’). The DVD is available to buy from the Torchbearers website for $10USD and all profits from the sales of ‘The Capernwray Story’ will go towards a fund set up by Mrs Thomas to support students attending Bible School at Torchbearers Centers around the world!

Any questions or to order please visit

www.torchbearers.org or contact

Torchbearers Media Manager on



First week of camp

Erik Snyder - Friday, June 14, 2013

Just finished our first week of summer camp at Ravencrest with a youth group from Indiana. So much joy and unity was flowing from this group, it was a blessing to spend a week in the mountains with them. Activities included kayaking on Lake Estes to hiking eleven thousand feet among others. All of which gave me the opportunity to see the campers grow in confidence in the outdoors. Most importantly though, I was able to witness them seek the Lord through Bible sessions each evening. God brought me here to be he’s hands and feet whether that be teaching a camper how to correctly paddle a kayak or joining them in a worship night. Ravencrest campers do not just have the chance to go hiking or rock climbing during their week, but to explore God’s creation and come closer to Him. Colorado showcases the beauty of God`s creation and we all had a blast exploring it.

- Katie Rieb

Ramping it up

Erik Snyder - Friday, June 07, 2013

Well the students have been gone for near 3 weeks now and the summer interns have all arrived. As we prepare to get the campus ready for the first group of campers, which will be arriving on Sunday, we are all quite busy. The kitchen is busy at work making sure they've got the meals all planned out, food ordered, and new interns trained. The activity interns have been busily making sure that the events are ready to go, even building a mechanical bull. A.J. Dudek is making sure that the interns all prepared and ready to lead hikes and kayak trips and is actually out this them right now on a camping trip. Domestics is making sure that we've got all the beds and bedding for everyone and that the campus looks its best for when they get here. As we all are busy at work in preparation for what the Lord will be doing here this summer please keep up in your prays, that in all our business we will never lose focus never stop keeping Christ at the center, for it is only though Him that anything we do here will have any true value.

The Ridgehaus

Erik Snyder - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Ridgehaus was officially opened on June 1st 2012. This great new facility has already been used for summer camps, a sportsman’s banquet, a Christmas program, a couple of weddings, a talent show and of course for the Bible School and LTC students. Many friends of Ravencrest, local church members, and others from the community received a warm welcome at the Ridgehaus’ open house held December 2nd 2012. We would suspect that some of you are wondering what purpose the “Ratskeller”, the lower level of the Chalet, serves now that the Ridgehaus is operational. The dining area is a staff meeting area and the pantry will one day be document storage.

Staff Updates

Erik Snyder - Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Life here at Ravencrest presents many comings and goings. Roberta Nace our domestics supervisor has left her position to embark on married life passing the responsibility to Dawn Shields, an Estes Park resident and Andrea Forni from California who also served at Capernwray Hall in England.

Many of the staff and students were pleased to help with the wedding of Roberta Nace, our previous domestic’s supervisor, and Kevan Davidson on the 22nd of September. The setting on Solomon’s Portico, the Ridgehaus amphitheater, was beautiful and we accommodated all 215 guests! The reception was held in the Ridgehaus dining hall and included a “mix your own” tea bar. It was a wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord by serving others; to see Christ at work in not only the newlyweds’ relationship but in individual lives and all the family and friends in attendance.

Esther Friesen has been managing our kitchen since June. However, God has called Clint and Esther to His Hill, the Torchbearer center in Texas. Replacing Esther in the kitchen will be Dawn Shields. Dawn has been managing the domestic’s area and will be managing both the kitchen and the domestics department until God provides a domestics supervisor. Please pray for the Friesens in their new endeavor as well as for Dawn and our staffing needs.

Short Staff Updates

Frank, Krista and kids: Can you believe it? Andrew and Ben are graduating from high school. Erik, Sarah and kids: Life is hopping and full with 4 6-and-under kids and a 5th coming! Ginger: Proud of Kari (daughter-in-law) who will be graduating nursing school on May 17th and Jameson (grandson) has turned two on May 4th. AJ, Jen, Ainsley and Jakob: Newest addition to the family is the miracle baby and has just recently begun his life here at the Chalet. James, Stacy and Jaden: Enjoying the precious life of a 9-month old while fulfilling the duties the maintenance of this large establishment provides. Dawn, Ed and kids: Just moved into new home!


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